Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board II

This is my third simplified (and hopefully interactive) bulletin board for the middle school (7th-9th grade). I got the idea from “The Teachers Corner,” which holds a large variety of bulletin board ideas that I haven’t even begun to explore.


I cut out 11 hearts (it’s a random number like eleven because I didn’t want to leave out any of the languages I’d picked) from red, pink, and purple paper from the office supplies room. If you’re using one of those A3-sized sheets in Japan, your hearts will be a good size if you fold the paper in fourths and cut over the folds. Then you’ll have four pieces of paper to fold in half and cut into heart flaps!

I got all the different languages’ words for “love” from the Wiktionary article on love (under the “strong affection” tab is where you’ll find all the translations–you have to click on it).

For languages that weren’t written using Roman letters, I put the English pronunciation found in the Wiktionary article. I would’ve done katakana, but I didn’t feel like looking all over for something like that…

For languages like Hindi and Hebrew that have different names than the country they’re (generally) from, I also wrote the country in Japanese as well.


Even though these boards are only in the English classrooms, it was fun to quiz my teachers in the staffroom to see if they knew all the languages. It’s genuinely challenging, and I think it was interesting for both teachers and students. If you want to guess the languages first, don’t scroll past the next image until you’ve made your guesses :)

My border from last year. It’s SO nice having borders made already.

Languages used: (top-to-bottom, left to right): Korean, French, Hindi, Hebrew, Thai, Italian, Chinese (mainland, simplified), Russian, Japanese/Chinese (Taiwan, traditional), German, and Arabic.

Consequently, I also made an elementary school version!


Note: I hope I didn’t get any of the words for love wrong, but I had to trust the Wiktionary article, because whenever I started to research things such as what word was the most common, there was too much information and none of it was simple (male vs. female, different words for love, etc). If your language is up there and I messed it up…I’m really sorry! Please let me know in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board II

  1. Glad you got your computer and can start posting blogs again! Cute idea! The paper chain border reminds me of one of my favorite art activities as a child because I couldn’t mess it up!

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