“Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru” Review [No Spoilers]

I wanted to post this review right after I saw the movie in late January, but then my computer went out. In the meantime, someone I follow on WordPress posted a review, and I was like, “No!! They got to it first!!” (haha) but I waited to read that one until I could finish my own. This review will be an edited version of the review I wrote on a piece of paper soon after seeing the movie :)

“Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru” (“She loves lies too much”) is about a guy named Aki, a talented music producer who is depressed about his life, and follows the story of him falling in love with Riko, who sings for a band formed by her and her friends.

On the trailer:

Even though I was anticipating this movie, I still thought it was going to be another version of “You’re Beautiful”–“Crude Play,” the band in the trailer, really invites that sort of comparison (haha). However, it turned to to be something very different, and it didn’t unnecessarily dovetail into a bunch of drama about the director, Shinya (glasses guy), or Mika (pretty singer lady). This isn’t a story about 3-4 different good-looking guys falling in love with one naive, oblivious girl, which is fortunate. I would recommend watching the trailer once or twice right now, and then doing what I did and waiting a month before seeing the movie, so all the scenes will feel new to you (haha).

The trailer honestly doesn’t do justice to how good this movie is, and makes it look like an overdramatic manga…do not be afraid!! (haha) The trailer also makes it seem like the movie’s going to be fraught with drama, but the characters who are “obstacles” to the relationship between the two main characters don’t take up too much screen time (read: it was perfect^^). The soundtrack is also better than the trailer would have you believe, in my opinion.

The movie’s based on a manga, which I haven’t read, so I can’t compare it to that.

Versions of the trailers with English subtitles:

Thoughts on the movie:

Rather than a puzzle of weeding out truth from lies, I felt this movie dealt more with music and the “true nature” of it–whether music today is all manufactured and cheap, or whether there is worth in being “genuine” when you play music, at the expense of a perfect sound. Music isn’t just a shared interest between the protagonists, it’s a method of communication, especially when they really need to express something, and can’t find the words. The way that songs came into play during the important scenes between the two characters had me completely absorbed. The development of their relationship through songs was both subtle and sweet.

As far as the musical quality goes, when I first heard the “Tomorrow NEEEVEER dies” song, I thought it was going to be super annoying. It wasn’t actually that bad (only that part, haha)–and the rest of the music used in the movie was soothing and set the tone of the movie just right. I liked the (if I remember right) acoustic songs they chose to use for the important scenes, because it made it easy for me to accept that Aki is supposed to be a musical genius.

I loved seeing Aki’s development; he didn’t just fall in love, have a couple of happy scenes, and then fall into a bunch of drama; it was more gradual. It’s like you can actually see his heart unthawing as his apathy begins to disappear. I loved the movie. It was beautiful, all of it: the music, the characters, and the execution. I want to see it again someday just so I can think about it some more.

I was captivated by the way the story unfolded, I feel speechless just thinking about a couple scenes in particular, which I won’t go into detail on. (The golden curtains music scene was one of my favorites.) By the way, stay for the credits! Otherwise you’ll miss an important scene at the end.

There were only five people in the theater to see this on a Friday night from 6-8:30pm (including me); after the movie, I turned and asked some girls in my row who were about my same age if they could explain the last part to me, because I was watching without subtitles and I wasn’t sure about the ending, and while we were talking, I got caught up and didn’t even bother to look through the movie merch store. I might check for it the next time I go.

This is my second favorite movie (after Rurouni Kenshin) that I’ve liked out of the five I’ve written reviews about so far :) (It might just be that I like Sato Takeru a lot, though.)

5 thoughts on ““Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru” Review [No Spoilers]

  1. Hi i saw your review and i was wondering where did you find the movie online? I want to watch it but i cant find it. Thanks

  2. Being someone who read the manga. I really love how they captured and delivered the story. It was so perfect in everything! ♥ Riko was casted perfectly with her voice and all and Takeru Sato played it good with Aki. The rest of the cast even, the music, everything… It was so perfect! ♥

    Also. Notice how we never heard Mari’s song. It was a good laugh since uhm.. music industry and the dark side of it.

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