Sunny February Day in Nikko (Repost)


Thursday, Feb. 11 was a national holiday in Japan, 建国記念の日 or National Foundation Day. I’ve been trying to get myself out to Nikko, but it’s really far away, so it always seemed too far away for a day trip. (I live in Tokyo and it took 3 hours by train, since neither of us have a car. I’m sure it would be far away by car, too.)

It was a beautiful, clear holiday, but even so, there weren’t that many tourists. I suppose the distance from Tokyo worked in our favor :) Also, Nikko is famous for its autumn colors, so going in the winter probably didn’t hurt, either.

My friend K and I both really wanted to go–it was my first time and her second time, so we got up at around 4:30am and took a 6:00am-ish train to arrive in Nikko by around 9:30. Even though I only got about 4 hours of sleep, being outside in the mountains with snow was rejuvenating, and I had energy today (Friday) too, even though I should still be tired.

We went to three main places:

  1. Toshōgu Shrine 東照宮
  2. Shinkyō Bridge 神橋, right in front of the stairs to Toshogu
  3. Takino-o Shrine 滝尾神社

We walked everywhere, because it feels good to be walking outside on a nice day, and because my friend is training for a marathon (haha), but it’s quite a long walk from Tobu Nikko Station to Takino-o, so be warned.

(I kept tagging along K, who had her camera, and sometimes took almost the same pictures as her, so I feel like I should give her the credit for some of these. Thanks!!)









Bonus pic! Our yuba-zushi lunch :) It’s sushi wrapped in yuba (tofu skin) instead of seaweed :D It was amazing.

Repost from another blog I created, 2016-02-20.

4 thoughts on “Sunny February Day in Nikko (Repost)

    1. Thanks for liking a repeated post! I’m so indecisive, but I’m having fun re-customizing the site :) Saying “Nikko” here is almost synonymous with “go in autumn,” it seems, but I liked really liked it with snow :)

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