Hello! I’m Stephanie. This blog is to catalogue my time living in Yamaguchi Prefecture and Tokyo from 2012 to present.

I started studying Japanese around high school because of an interest in anime, manga, and J-pop/J-rock, and later majored in Japanese in college. I studied abroad for 9 months, worked in Waki Town, Yamaguchi for 3 years, and am currently living and working as an English teacher in Tokyo.

I hope my blog can be a bright spot in your day, make Japan more familiar to you if you don’t know a lot about Japan, and still be relevant and interesting to you if you do. I also hope to share information about learning Japanese, something I am still doing.

* * *

Information From My Old “About” Page (on the JET Program):

Hello! My name is Stephanie, and I’m currently teaching in Waki Town, Yamaguchi Prefecture as part of the JET Program!

My blog is intended to serve these main purposes:

  • to make Japanese culture as familiar and understandable as possible to those who don’t know a lot about Japan
  • to talk about aspects of Japan that I have personally encountered, or things that even people who are interested in Japan would be unlikely to already know
  • to provide teaching ideas (bulletin boards), cultural observations and thoughts

“Suteki” means “wonderful”! The blog address, “sutekisutekisuteki,” is just me writing it three times in a row. Japanese people don’t do that. It was a whim. The Japanese at the top says 素敵なライフ = suteki na raifu = Wonderful Life, which does not equal the movie of the same title. I just like the word suteki and how the kanji look. I will occasionally be using Japanese characters, so if you see only boxes sometimes, you’ll need to change your encoding.

I hope my blog can be useful and informative to you!


Nearby Iwakuni Kintai Bridge, a local landmark.
About my job:

Location: Waki Town, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Job: Assistant Language Teacher (ALT). This means I help teachers teach! (Not like a TA.) We are also paid by the Japanese government, so this is a regular job, not a study abroad program. There are around 45 JETs in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Weather: Can be 30 degrees Celcius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) in summer, and in winter, it can be 5 C (41 F). Summers are humid and often rainy, and winters are SO COLD O___O
Contract: I was hired from July 30th, 2012, and I extended for a second and now third year, so I’ll be here at least until summer 2015.
Apartment & Transportation: I moved into apartment where the previous JET lived. The schools I work at are walking or biking distance from my apartment/each other, and public transportation is good so I don’t usually need a car.
Language Level: 3.5/5? I can have conversations with people and get along with most things in daily life just fine, but I’m currently taking lessons again and trying to ramp up my studies.

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