5 More Great Japanese Worship Songs

After posting about some of my favorite Japanese worship songs last year, I realized that a lot of people were interested! It took me a little while, but here is Part 2. These are all songs that I’ve heard at church here in Tokyo. It’s a personal reference list, but I hope that it can also help people who are curious about Japanese worship songs but don’t have a lot of information.

1. 死を打ち破り (Shi wo Uchiyaburi, “Death is Defeated”)

“Uchiyaburu” means more like “smash” or “destroy,” but also can mean “defeat” with regards to an enemy. There’s apparently an English title of “Victory to Power of Death,” but I feel like that could be read the wrong way…haha.

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5 Great Japanese Worship Songs

Since coming to Japan, I’ve visited many different churches, and seen many different service and worship styles. Even though there are a lot fewer Christians in Japan than in the US, there are quite a few Japanese contemporary worship songs. The hard part is finding good-quality recordings of them to listen to outside of church.

So, for my 200th post (!!!), I thought I’d share five worship songs that I like. Four of them I’ve actually heard, either at church or a worship gathering, and one I found on YouTube all by myself. I’m not including hymns here, or Japanese translations of English songs. I’m on the lookout for original Japanese songs that are more recent.

1. 慕い求めます (Shitai motomemasu, “I yearn for/seek You”)

This is one of my favorites!

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