Misty Day

Today it rained, and after the rain a mist settled in for the rest of the afternoon. I was feeling tired, but I’m glad I went out anyway, because the river was calm enough to reflect the buildings across the river (which are in Hiroshima Prefecture), and I love taking pictures when the water is like that :)


It reminds me of when I was in Hakone, near Tokyo–I think the weather was similar.


With the help of a teacher I work with, my computer has officially been ordered from a recycle shop! It should be here next week, so then I can get back to writing about the things I have all stored up! (I even wrote a rough draft for a post on a piece of paper.)

Bump of Chicken, “Diamond.” I’m trying to memorize it, but so far I’m only through about the first four lines. That’s okay…baby steps.

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