6 Delightful Pancake Shops In & Around Tokyo

Tokyo has so many good pancakes!

Not just IHOP-style breakfast pancakes with butter, but extravagant, BIG dessert pancakes with fruit, and sometimes ice cream. They’re not so much for breakfast as for snack and dessert (and even dinner!), and they go for around 1000-1500 yen.

I’ve collected these places over the last two years I’ve been in Tokyo, and I’m hoping this can be a go-to list for people visiting Tokyo, who want to try something new and different but don’t know what. For people living here, you might get some fresh ideas!

Take note that some of these shops have more than one location.

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A “Traditional” Kyoto Starbucks

Without looking it up, I can bet that this Starbucks is no secret. When I was sitting outside sipping my sakura-flavored frappuccino, just about every tourist that passed was taking pictures of this store. It’s got bamboo out front that covers a wooden patio, giving you a traditional Japanese Starbucks experience (haha).


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