6 Delightful Pancake Shops In & Around Tokyo

Tokyo has so many good pancakes!

Not just IHOP-style breakfast pancakes with butter, but extravagant, BIG dessert pancakes with fruit, and sometimes ice cream. They’re not so much for breakfast as for snack and dessert (and even dinner!), and they go for around 1000-1500 yen.

I’ve collected these places over the last two years I’ve been in Tokyo, and I’m hoping this can be a go-to list for people visiting Tokyo, who want to try something new and different but don’t know what. For people living here, you might get some fresh ideas!

Take note that some of these shops have more than one location.

Mee’s Pancake (Shibuya)

Close to Shibuya Station, Mee’s has these tall, fluffy pancakes, and a fun interior to match.

Bibliotheque (Yurakucho)

Behold, the eggs Benedict pancake. This was dinner.

Me’s Cafe & Kitchen (Ginza)

So beautiful (*´∇`*) A dessert pancake with ice cream! It even had a flower on top 🌺

Flipper’s (Kichijoji)

I saw this place on a poster at a station somewhere, and I finally got to go with a friend. Click sideways for a different view :)

今日はパンケーキで終わると思わなかった!^^ @maryssatofujoy

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3 Stars Pancake (Musashikosugi)

A big advantage to this pancake was that the fruit was cut up into like 40 different pieces, so for habitually fast eaters like me, eating one small piece of fruit at a time between pancake bites made it last longer than usual.

Accueil (Ebisu)

I don’t know where the picture went (maybe I didn’t take any), but I remember this place having good pancakes too, and the inside of the shop is very nice.


The pancakes all taste different due to the ingredients, fruit, toppings, and ice cream used, so don’t be shy about trying more than one place! :)

6 thoughts on “6 Delightful Pancake Shops In & Around Tokyo

  1. Mee`s thick pancake looks the yummiest to me. These pancakes look big enough to be classified as a biscuit. I didn`t enjoy my bowl of oatmeal this morning after looking at your pictures.

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