A “Traditional” Kyoto Starbucks

Without looking it up, I can bet that this Starbucks is no secret. When I was sitting outside sipping my sakura-flavored frappuccino, just about every tourist that passed was taking pictures of this store. It’s got bamboo out front that covers a wooden patio, giving you a traditional Japanese Starbucks experience (haha).


The inside is pretty spacious, and there are pictures painted on all the walls. It was a little warm inside, so the next time I went, I got a cold drink and had it outside. (I went twice in Kyoto and once in Hiroshima on the same weekend trip. They sold out last year when I’d only had the frappuccino like once. Sakura white chocolate frappuccino season is not the time to be bashful about going to Starbucks.)

Lots of places to sit inside.

You can reach this Starbucks from Shijo Station on the subway,which can be reached directly from Kyoto Station (address here, it’s right outside the exit). Starbucks in Kyoto also carries a special tumbler that looks like this, so you might want to pick one up while you’re there.

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