Ski Trip to Gunma!

Last weekend was a three-day weekend in Japan; we had a substitute day off for National Foundation Day (建国記念の日), which fell on a Sunday. Despite being a few hours away by train, my friend Nikki and I decided to go for a day of skiing in Tanigawadake, Gunma Prefecture!

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Sunny February Day in Nikko (Repost)


Thursday, Feb. 11 was a national holiday in Japan, 建国記念の日 or National Foundation Day. I’ve been trying to get myself out to Nikko, but it’s really far away, so it always seemed too far away for a day trip. (I live in Tokyo and it took 3 hours by train, since neither of us have a car. I’m sure it would be far away by car, too.)

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Waki Winter Wonderland

After seeing all the snow in the morning, I wanted to go everywhere right away and get pictures, but since that was impossible because I have to work, I went on a purposeful stroll through Waki to capture the scenes I knew were going to melt away soon. Luckily, I knew just where to go :)


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