Endless Journal Topic Ideas for Language Learners

Can’t find any journal topics? How about referring to your phone’s (or computer’s) search history?

(Nothing says “study” like coffee and a doughnut!)

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Yay! I’m like a real Japanese elementary student now!

Today after getting my hair cut, I went to Fuji Grand (dept. store) to buy nice new squishy insoles for my indoor-shoes at the schools, when I went down the escalator on the side with the bookstore…and as I went by it I first thought “Ooohh, learning-Japanese inspiration!” and then immediately thought, “Now Stephanie, you know good and well that purchasing more Japanese-learning books is not going to do you any good if you don’t sit down and study the ones you already have…” And as I had those thoughts, I turned the corner at the bottom of one escalator and went up the next, back to the bookstore, and came back out with these:


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