Cherry Blossoms in Yanaka & Asakusa

I was so glad my friends and I were able to make it out to Yanaka after visiting Asakusa! Since it was raining and it was already past full bloom, cherry blossoms covered the ground like snow.

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Matsumoto Castle, Sakura Season!

I visited Matsumoto Castle for the first time on this trip to Nagano, too! I’d hoped to see it with the cherry blossoms someday, although I’d figured that would be really hard to plan, but happily, it worked out for us! :D

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Cherry Blossoms & Kamesei Ryokan

Continuing on our weekend trip to Nagano, my friends and I stayed in a Japanese traditional style inn (called a ryokan). It was comfortable and pleasant, and we got to enjoy the cherry blossoms as well.

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