Endless Journal Topic Ideas for Language Learners

Can’t find any journal topics? How about referring to your phone’s (or computer’s) search history?

(Nothing says “study” like coffee and a doughnut!)

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Things That Were a Thing During My Christmas Visit to California

This year, like last year, I went home to northern California for just two weeks to spend the Christmas holiday season with my family. Since I live more or less in my own little world in Tokyo, there were some things that have become mainstream–or maybe I was just behind the times. Anyway, here are a few of the things that were different this year from last year, supplemented with beautiful, mostly unrelated scenic pictures from NorCal.

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Weekend in Okutama (奥多摩)

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to go to a church retreat in Okutama (奥多摩), which (unbelievably) is still part of Tokyo. The retreat center is called Okutama Bible Chalet, and has rooms for groups to come and stay. It felt a little like summer camp, but in the spring :)

This post is off-season, as I went to Okutama in March, but I think it’s important, as we begin to welcome the holidays, to reflect back on the year and all that’s happened.

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