It snowed last night in Tokyo!

It doesn’t snow very much in downtown Tokyo, but it did last night!

For me, our short snowstorm was a welcome interruption from routine. The news was urging people to leave work and go home early in order to avoid transportation congestion. In Japan, people are often reluctant to take time off from work, but as soon as news got around that trains could be getting delayed and the storm would worsen, we were all allowed to leave early (I work at a Japanese company).

Granted, it was a lot of snow, and it did slow down transportation. I looked back on my post from when it snowed back in Waki, and realized that, contrary how I remembered things, not all my adult coworkers seemed thrilled about the snow then, either. However, being from Santa Rosa where it hardly ever snows in the winter, I get really excited when the streets outside get covered in a blanket of white. God was amazing to come up with something like snow–it makes your everyday surroundings look like a different world.

It had started snow (or rain) a little past noon, when I decided to brave the cold (as I usually do anyway) and eat outside. The pre-snow drizzly weather was nice, actually, because it kept the pidgeons (=sky rats) away while I ate my lunch. That’s the price you pay to enjoy nature in the city, unfortunately. By the time I left work, there was a layer of snow on just about everything–bikes, cars, the guy in front of me at the crosswalk who forgot his umbrella…

My fingers were freezing off, but I made sure to get some pictures while it lasted because I knew it would start melting the next day. The snow was blowing down on us all, but it was still peaceful.

The next day (today), the snow was already starting to melt. When I walked to work, because it was too slippery to bike in some places, there were more people outside than usual, shoveling snow off of pathways and in front of their houses. The snow drove everyone out of their offices early yesterday, and then caused people to be outside today shoveling and cleaning. I know it’s a lot of work, but I’ll miss the camaraderie, if you can call it that, when all the snow melts.

Nichole Nordeman, “Every Season”

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