Sakura Like Snow: Early Sakura by the Meguro River

Cherry blossom season has come swiftly, and actually caught me a little off-guard! However, I’m off to a good start, and thought I would share some photos with you of my adventures so far :)

Even before full bloom, the Meguro River area was packed with people when we went between 7 and 9pm (taken Apr. 2, 2017, for people who are trying to estimate how far the flowers have bloomed.) My friend’s parents and friends were visiting Japan, and we wanted to make sure they got to see some cherry blossoms while they were here, so that’s what drove us to go at such a crazy time!

If you spaced out a little bit and stared up through the branches, it felt like it was snowing, just frozen in time :) I took a video to show you what I mean!

Crowded or not, the Meguro-gawa is popular for a reason and is definitely worth venturing out to see.

♪ Miura Daichi, “Darkest Before Dawn”

2 thoughts on “Sakura Like Snow: Early Sakura by the Meguro River

  1. I got to Hakata, Fukuoka just in time last April to catch a good amount of sakura going on still. It’s quite amazing actually and it smells great here in Japan all over the place still even entering May. Very impressed coming from bland white flower blossoms in the States.. not that they’re not pretty and nice to look at, but there is certainly some amazing sights to see here while Sakura is going on.

    1. Yeah, spring is a beautiful time of year here. You get lot of different colors of flowers, blooming one after the other, so even if you miss a round you can get back in the game for the next season! They bloom at different times in different regions and climates, too, so when I recently went to visit Karuizawa after Tokyo’s sakura season had ended, I got to see the blossoms again :)

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