Endless Journal Topic Ideas for Language Learners

Can’t find any journal topics? How about referring to your phone’s (or computer’s) search history?

(Nothing says “study” like coffee and a doughnut!)

About every other week, I have a two-hour Japanese “lesson” in which I hand my teacher the journals I’ve written and she corrects them for me in person. I know that many people use Lang-8 to do the same thing, but I feel I like I can’t write anything too personal if it’s online.

A problem I’ve run into, as I’m sure many other language learners have too, is what to write about in journals. Acquiring Korean gives a diverse list of good ideas for writing journals, and also touches on the idea that you can get stuck writing about the same types of things.

However, I think I’ve hit the jackpot :)

Can’t find any journal topics? Use your phone’s search history. It’s already interesting, because you had to be interested in it to look it up. Plus, it’s funny, right? (I’ve read a lot of xkcd recently, so that might be where I got the idea.)

Some of the things in my phone’s search history include:

Obviously, I’ve only selected the most interesting ones to list here, but every search term has a story behind it–what situation I was in that led me to search that, all the details on the website I visited, and what happened after as a result of reading it.

Put all that time wasting on your phone to good use! >:D

♪ Matthew Parker, “Adventure” (from DevinSuperTramp’s awesome video)

4 thoughts on “Endless Journal Topic Ideas for Language Learners

    1. Hi! Yeah, I hadn’t made lasagna in such a long time that I forgot what I was doing! (haha) It’s still a bit cold here so there aren’t a lot of flowers blooming, but some of the early-blooming cherry blossoms have been showing up :)

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