Miura Daichi: (Re)play Tour 2016

I got tickets to go to another concert this month, but I still can’t get my mind off Miura Daichi’s concert, which I went to with my friend on 10/7 in Sendai.

I’d known about Miura Daichi since seeing “Delete My Memories” (2009) on YouTube a while back, but I really started listening to him last year (2015) when he released “Cry & Fight.” I like his voice and his dances, and I also enjoyed the things that he talked about in his interviews (like this one). I haven’t been a fan for a long time, but my friend can attest to the fact that I was pretty enthusiastic^^ I look back on my high school years and remember how I wanted to see the artists I liked so bad but that they either went to places in the US that were too far away, or didn’t come at all. So I’ve got to enjoy these concerts double, just to make up for that!

Here’s how it went:

He played almost all his major songs and singles

The tour was named “Replay” and referred to looking back over past albums and songs. It was focused on meaningful songs and singles from his past activities, which meant that he played almost all his songs from his YouTube channel and main songs from his albums. I’m usually an album behind when I go to a concert, because I usually got into the band from one of their previous albums and am not as familiar with their new songs…but this time, I knew almost everything he performed!

Unreleased Songs

He sang a bunch of new songs for us, too! Not one to be special, but several! You could hear people murmuring the first one he did that wasn’t introduced. (There’s a set list in Japanese here.)

I’d thought this one was new, but I actually just hadn’t heard it yet:

Synchronized, Silent Dances

He performed “synchro” dances (I think there were two) where he performed part of the dance with his backup dancers without the music before the actual dance started, perfectly in sync. You can see it on YouTube, too:

A modern interpretive dance, too

For one segment of the concert, he came on stage with one other female dancer, and they performed on the “second floor” of the stage (there were two levels). They danced together for part of it, and then midway through, the girl dancer “fell” backward off the stand, with Miura Daichi lunging forward to catch her in his arms and then “missing.” He then danced the rest of the song alone. This wasn’t something I was expecting, and it was a nice break in the concert between songs.

During one part of the concert (He called it the 失恋コーナー or “Breakup Corner”), he sat down and played a piano version of “The Answer” (above) in front of two screens playing the YouTube music video footage behind him. It was like we at the concert were able to see something special because we came, something you can’t just hear on YouTube. (I wish I could hear it again…)

Miura Daichi Fans

Miura Daichi fans are SO enthusiastic! Even though it was an all-seating concert (no open standing area), right when it started everyone stood up, and most stayed standing until he finally told everyone that they should sit down for a couple of songs. (Is that normal?)

Potentially Unnecessary Details

  • This is a secret (hah, not anymore), but I actually dressed up for this concert and wore heels, so when everyone stood up at the beginning (and it started to look permanent) I slipped quietly out of them and stood barefoot (I had tights) for most of the concert. I’m sure the people behind me appreciated it, even though we were in the third row from the back.
  • My friend Steph, who I went with and who wasn’t quite as familiar with him, said afterwords that Miura Daichi reminded her of Michael Jackson. I think he’d like to hear that, since Michael Jackson was one of his major influences :) (She should hear “Love is Like a Bass Line.”)
  • This was my first time going to a non-rock concert–he tends to perform dance music and R&B, so I wasn’t sure exactly how it was going to go. For big rock concerts, you buy a towel and wait outside for hours for a T-shirt, and then jump around and get all sweaty before going home. This concert was an indoor event, and the goods table had a really short line. Thank goodness!

I heard him say in an interview that he sometimes looks at the way kids play around or skip as they walk along and incorporates that into his songs. I think that sort of playful spirit characterizes his dances and shows.

Until next time!

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