Weekday City Sakura (Meguro River, Tokyo)

To continue to make the most of cherry blossom season, I went out on my lunch break and got pictures of the sakura around the less-crowded and more city-like part of the Meguro River.

It really struck me how the natural blooming sakura contrasted with the metal bridges and buildings. In my “main” Meguro River pictures (coming later), I tried to avoid capturing high-rises and other buildings, but in the case of these pictures, I think it’s interesting how the grittiness of the city gets suddenly splashed with sakura. Since the water in this part of the river looks rougher here, it seems surreal, like a scene from a video game. (It would probably be an action game–the types my brothers would play, while I would just watch and enjoy the scenery and the music. I always needed my games to be like Kingdom Hearts…)

Miura Daichi, “Cry & Fight” (I have listened to this so many times. ♪ “Subete ga-a-a-a~~~~” ♫)

4 thoughts on “Weekday City Sakura (Meguro River, Tokyo)

  1. Amazing how the sakura softens the surrounding city. Lovely photos. I’m wondering what the rent would be in the little white house in front of the orange building? Know Tokyo is very expensive.

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