Cherry Blossoms in Yanaka & Asakusa

I was so glad my friends and I were able to make it out to Yanaka after visiting Asakusa! Since it was raining and it was already past full bloom, cherry blossoms covered the ground like snow.

This was only my second time to Yanaka, after visiting in 2010 during study abroad. At that time, it was September or October, and I remember seeing a cat being filmed. If you Google “Yanaka graveyard” you will see pictures of lots of cats, but we mostly didn’t see any, because it was raining. Too bad.

The Yanaka area has a large graveyard, and it’s still and quiet. My friends really liked it there, after braving the Yamanote Line and the busy, crowded streets of Tokyo. If you’re going to Asakusa for a visit, it’s worth walking to Yanaka too, even if it’s not sakura season.

Perfume, “Star Train”

4 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms in Yanaka & Asakusa

  1. Neat pictures. The pictures with many people walking around with umbrellas makes me think you aren’t really that far away as we have just had about 24 hours of on/off showers after many days of summer like weather reminding us that we have some spring left. Yeah!!

  2. The cemetery looks so interesting. Every year I always took my third graders to the old rural cemetery in SR. They loved learning about the history of Santa Rosa and doing tombstone rubbings.
    Beautiful cherry blossom snow too.

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