Walking Through an Anime in Fuchu

Since the weather was nice, I went on a nice walk in the area around Nishifu Station in Fuchu. It’s easy to get stuck going to only the same places all the time to and from work or school and think there’s nothing else to do in that area, when really, it only takes a short walk to venture out into someplace new.


These sorts of walks tend to remind me of scenes from anime like “1000 cm per second” or the beginning of Spirited Away (or lots of others…). I love the narrow winding paths, trees, and intersecting roads, and think back to high school, when I only saw scenes like the one above in anime, on my TV or computer screen.

I need the nice weather to come back so I can go on more walks! It almost snowed a day or two ago :O

Rivers & Robots, “The Bridegroom”

5 thoughts on “Walking Through an Anime in Fuchu

  1. Its 10 pm sat night. Stormy lucas ar camp newman off mark west rd for a teen camp julia at a bowling bday party. Ill read tomorrow and write back. Love Aunt karen enjoy ur Sunday. We hv daylight savings tonight

    Karen Sent from my iPhone


  2. Here kittie kittie! We have two cats from neighbors who visit regularly. Both black/white. One long haired, one short. Love your photos. Groggy from daylight savings. :(

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