Late February Plum Blossoms at Shinjuku Gyoen


The weather has been absolutely beautiful recently, and since church for me had been in Shibuya in the afternoon, I spent the morning walking around Shinjuku Gyoen (which is really accessible for me this time around) and taking in the ume (plum) blossoms. They give off a wonderful fragrance.

Even though I came here to take pictures, I had regrettably forgotten to put my memory card back into my camera, so these pictures are all taken with my iPhone. Still..the iPhone camera is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

As I was gazing at one of these trees, it suddenly hit me that God loves me so, so much. I mean, He wouldn’t make such a beautiful tree like that, and then not care about the incredible humans that He made. I’m glad that I’m known and loved by a God who makes flowering trees for us to enjoy.

Chris August, “Maker.” I listened to this on repeat as I walked around.

2 thoughts on “Late February Plum Blossoms at Shinjuku Gyoen

  1. Yes, He certainly is a wonderful creator. With the glorious, spring blossoms we are reawakened to that thought.

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