Belated Christmas Lights at Ebisu Garden Palace (Repost)

Little market/bazaar.
Little market/bazaar.

Christmas lights? In January??

I went back to California for a couple weeks for Christmas, and the weekend after my first week back at work, we had a three-day holiday for “coming of age day,” when people turning 20 get dressed up in traditional clothes and kimonos and attend a ceremony.

Since I’d just gotten back, didn’t have time to make plans, am over 20 years old and had nothing to celebrate, I went off Monday evening in search of last-minute Christmas lights. Around December, I got so busy buying Christmas presents for my trip home and addressing new year’s cards that I didn’t really take the time to “taste” Christmas before it came.

In Japan, around wintertime, there are lots of lights displays called “illuminations.” They aren’t necessarily a Christmas thing, and can have all sorts of themes, but one thing that’s really nice is that since they aren’t “Christmas” lights, they stay up past Christmas–some as long as February. I went to go see some in Hiroshima once–as you can see, they’re not explicitly Christmas-themed.

I looked online and discovered that the beautiful lights on display at Ebisu Garden palace were only going to be up until January 11. Many lights displays are flashy and extravagant, but the Ebisu Garden ones looked more calm and Christmas-like, from an American perspective. There was a little bazaar area where I had some hot onion soup, and I can’t remember now but I’m sure there was nice music playing, too :) The giant chandelier in the picture was located at the end of the red carpet on the opposite side of where the Christmas tree was.

It’s past Valentine’s Day now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy some Christmas lights, does it? ;)



Chandelier on display
Chandelier on display



Back Number (cover), “Christmas Song.” This was my Christmas theme song last year.

Repost from another blog I created, 2016-02-15.

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