One Ok Rock Concert & Thoughts, Part 2 [Concert Spoilers Included]

Whew, it’s Monday evening! Two full days have passed since I was at the concert, and I’m still all worked up (haha). In this post, I’ll talk about how the concert went and what I thought.

Everyone was taking post-concert selfies while the staff members were distracted.

I had a lot of fun at the concert! A few thoughts…

For one of the songs, Taka had us sing after him in “little voices” and then “big voices.” Trying to sing in a “little voice” with thousands of people in a concert hall is pretty hilarious.

During Mighty Long Fall, about 20 light-up balls appeared and started bouncing around over the crowd. The fans were enthusiastic and crazy, which was really fun for us, and when Deeper Deeper, Mighty Long Fall, The Beginning, and songs like that played, I had fun knowing that everybody else was just as into those songs as me (for once…haha). Everyone went crazy for Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer, too.

Taka came to the back really close to where we were and sang part of a song, which was cool! But way too short (haha.) I wished he’d done a whole song in the back, but writing this now, I guess we were just lucky that he snuck back there in the first place at all.

I have to say, I’m blonde and really foreign-looking, and a lot of times I don’t want to stand out here, but you can bet I wanted to when Taka ran toward us in the back! haha. I saw other “foreign” fans there too, and I can’t help hoping that One Ok thinks it’s cool that we came to see them here in Japan, even though they’ve toured overseas and everything.

This is the Japanese tour rubber wristband. It’s almost an inch tall, so it’s pretty big. It had the different concert locations written on the inside with white letters.

Singing along to the songs in the concert was so fun, too! Sometimes I go to the concerts and can’t sing along, but since this one was partly in English and I’m familiar with the Japanese in their more recent songs, it might be the most I’ve been able to sing along to with everyone. I loved Mighty Long Fall, and I think I could’ve kept jumping all night if they’d just performed that on repeat, haha.

But I feel like I heard more than I saw. It’s a weird feeling. I technically “saw” One Ok Rock perform–but on the other hand, I actually didn’t “see” them very well for most of the concert. Even though Green Arena isn’t that big (10,000 people, but Fukuoka Marine Messe was bigger), and we were toward the middle (which was great!!), the band members up at the front were pretty small; and even though there were two screens up at the front, it felt like most of the time there weren’t close-up shots of the members. Sometimes, there was video of the band members playing, but they did it in “three color mode” (I don’t know what it’s called)–like, in black, white, and one other color, like orange. I know they were just stylizing it, but I wanted to see the members clearly, so I wish they’d done more close-ups in full color.

However, they performed with passion and everyone had a good time. I like One Ok fans, too. They’re so enthusiastic and crazy and fun! So…by extension…maybe we are, too?

Pre-Concert Us:

It’s raining, but my makeup has survived so far!

Post-Concert Us:

Sweaty and gross, but happy! I jumped around so much I broke my bracelet (not the official one, though.)

Of course, getting out of the arena was a little tough, and Preeya was stuck next to me while I made lame Paper Planes jokes: Hey look, everyone’s going to that vending machine! Cash in, cash out! Wow, it’s so hard to get around people! Pass in, pass out! Your strap is folded over, let me fix it! Strap in, strap out!

I’m sorry, Preeya. Please still invite me to concerts!!



11 thoughts on “One Ok Rock Concert & Thoughts, Part 2 [Concert Spoilers Included]

  1. Aren’t lame jokes the best? Seems to me it’s what we look back on and are happy to remember. Yay that you had such a good time!

  2. Hi! Woah! I love ONE OK ROCK too! In fact we saw them when they went to the Philippines in January. Aaaw… Remembering all my PCD (post concert depression) feels again..!

    Nice blog! Stumbling on OOR is a bonus! :)

    1. Wow, thank you! I’m so glad you liked my blog :) You’ve seen them more recently than me! I went last year.

      I looked up the One Ok Rock Philippines concert, and it looks like it was OOR’s first one there!! Is that true? If it is, you really went to something monumental in One Ok history! :D

  3. I knew it, I shouldn’t have missed the chance to watch their concert here when they went to Philippines. I’ve always been to a lot of concerts, but I really don’t get why I skipped seeing them, maybe I guess I wasn’t a fan before but now I regret it because now I’m starting to like them. >___<
    I remember a friend who watched the concert after classes and I was like stuck in the traffic going home.

    On the other side, It sure looks fun and so different to see them perform live in their home country than in overseas. But also as a fan it is also different to see them live in my home country because you're watching with fellow local fans and they (OOR) would greet and try hard to speak your native language on stage and see their reactions when they fail to pronounce it properly haha!

    Awesome blog! I also like reading your reviews! Keep it up and more power! ^_^

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment! Don’t worry, One Ok Rock seems to really like doing overseas lives, so I’m sure you’ll have the chance to see them again! I don’t know about the other band members, but Taka’s English is really good, so I’m sure he wouldn’t struggle that much (haha). Did you see his cover of Adele? It was really good:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my reviews! Fingers crossed that you’ll get to see One Ok soon!^^

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