Plum Blossoms and Shuffling

Well, plum blossoms and cherry blossoms are long gone, and now I’m stuck looking at cherry blossom pictures from my friends in northern prefectures who have entered their cherry blossom season (the weather conditions really affect when they bloom). These plum blossom pictures were taken near the Kintai Bridge in Iwakuni this spring.

It looks like I caught a snail in the tree, but I think it’s just a knob.


Teachers and students have begun the new school year (which starts in April in Japan), and we just had our all-school physical fitness test at the middle school today. I hung out in the gym and pressed the 20-second buzzer for about and hour and a half while students shuffled back and forth as many times as they could, as fast as they could, from one line to the other. (So…just in case you thought I just hang out here and take pictures of flowers all day, haha.) I did get to take the test with them at the end, and I didn’t do badly, considering I had to do it in my socks. (There are outdoor shoes, then there are indoor shoes that students wear inside the school building, and then there’s also another pair of shoes that students use inside the gym. I only have outdoor and indoor ones, so I took the test in my socks.) 1 line = 1 time, and I shuffled over three lines 44 times in my socks in 20 seconds. For the record.

There’s probably a better name to call that exercise than “shuffling,” but it will have to do.

Plum blossoms are so fun to draw! I ended up drawing them onto my sermon notes a Sunday or two ago. I love how all the flowers stick onto the branches in clumps like that. Especially the dark pink ones, that look so nice against the dark branches.
I’m pretty sure these are plum blossoms. There must be “official” ways to tell, but I just use my nose–if the flowers smell nice they’re plum, and if they don’t smell nice, they’re cherry blossoms. That’s an okay way to do it, right??

I hope you are all having a nice spring!


Lifehouse, “Everything”

4 thoughts on “Plum Blossoms and Shuffling

  1. I never thought of the smell test. I think cherry trees have black smooth bark, too (compared to plums). Here, the cherry trees tend to bloom after plums. I noticed the apple tree across Airport Blvd blooming last week. And the crabapples around our apartment bloom at different times, with the one closest to our door blooming last (just starting now). Hmm. I THINK they’re crabapples, but now I realize I’m not entirely sure. Thanks!

    1. Ooohh, I would like to see that! The cherry blossoms bloom after plums here, too–it’s just that sometimes toward the end of plum blossom season, when a lot of plum blossoms have fallen, new cherry blossoms may be starting to bloom. There are also “fuyuzakura” or “winter sakura” that bloom out of season, I think.

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