Christmas Bulletin Board: Advent Calendar

If you have the time, one good way to get into the Christmas spirit is to make it Christmas all around you! :D This took forever to make, but it’s the bulletin board that keeps giving all the way till Christmas!

Bulletin board display at the middle school, unopened.


Using Daiso decorations, clothespins, envelopes, and printed pictures, you can create a cool Christmas bulletin board that shows how much fun Christmas is!

All the envelopes after being opened.

How I Made Mine:


– printed color pictures
– that string you use to tie up cardboard here
– Daiso wooden clothespins, red permanent marker, liquid white-out
– Daiso envelopes in different colors
– Daiso Christmas wrapping paper (border)
– Daiso tinsel


I wanted to convey the “feeling” of Christmas, so first, I had to choose which pictures to use. Thinking of ideas is the hardest part. I used some of my own, and some I found online. You can see all the pictures I chose in the “after” picture, but here is what the themes were: Thomas Kinkade pictures, Christmas lights, cookies & gingerbread, Christmas decorations, Santa, stockings, Christmas movie scenes (Rudolph, the Grinch, etc), Christmas trees in different places.


I did kind of a weird thing with the envelopes–I first glued the flap on like I was permanently sealing the envelope, and then I cut a thin sliver off the right, left, and top; then, I unfolded the envelope and glued a picture on the top part. I did this because a) when it’s hanging up it still looks like envelopes, which is cute, and b) I didn’t want kids to take the pics out of the envelopes and lose them after all that work.



Candy Cane Clothespins:

I painted red stripes on the wooden clothespins with a red permanent marker, and then painted on white stripes with white-out. I think I was trying to use the Q-tips to make nice, straight lines, but even it it’s not perfect, it’s much faster to paint the stripes on with the white-out brush. I just painted the one side–no one’s going to see the other side, anyway.

Work in progress.


I used silver Daiso tinsel to wrap the outside of the display. The patterned inside part is made from Daiso wrapping paper–one display takes two rolls of wrapping paper. I sliced the paper into three approximately equal sheets, and used one matching pair of sheets for the top, one pair for the bottom, and one sheet for each side, facing inward.

At the elementary school, I got to use the huge bulletin board on the stairs between the 2nd and 3rd floors, so I added in some trees and stuff. The elementary one also has Japanese instructions instead.

The Japanese instructions say 毎日その日のふうとうを開けてね!(“Open the envelope for each day!”) I had a teacher check that, so if you want to use it, it should be correct Japanese :)


Red wrapping paper and silver star garland, also from Daiso…


All set!!



When I came back from Christmas break in January, all the envelopes had been opened! At the elementary school, I had kids ask me about it, like who could open the envelopes, and when they learned what to do, I think they wanted to be the first to open it. Every time I came to the school, that day’s envelope was already opened. The elementary one got a little more “beat up” than the middle school one, so I think gluing everything on was a good idea. I didn’t write a word of English under the pictures, because this takes long enough as it is, but it can spark some conversations, like when your kids open “The Grinch” animation one and aren’t sure what it is.

Disney Piano Collection – so pleasant!

7 thoughts on “Christmas Bulletin Board: Advent Calendar

  1. Wow! You were a dedicated teacher to put all that work in. From what I read the children seemed to really enjoy it. Good Job!!

  2. woohoo! It’s lovely! I especially like the stripedy clothespins. They look so great. And I love that the kids were so enthusiastic about it that you didn’t need to be there to keep it going. Yay!

    And they get to learn so many things about American culture (and in so many directions) through one multi-faceted activity. You’re amazing.

  3. I’m laughing on behalf of Mom and Grandma about all the work and detail you’ve included. I’m amazed by all this, and know that they would be too!

    1. Hi! I can’t remember exactly–I used up most of a day where I was at school but the students were off for some reason. My estimate is 5 hours…? But it might’ve been shorter/longer than that.

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