Waki Winter Wonderland

After seeing all the snow in the morning, I wanted to go everywhere right away and get pictures, but since that was impossible because I have to work, I went on a purposeful stroll through Waki to capture the scenes I knew were going to melt away soon. Luckily, I knew just where to go :)


I started out at a place I like with a pair of trees near the elementary school.

These trees are right by the elementary school! They look nice in every season.

It’s by a small stream (?) that I always find myself wanting to take pictures of.


The leaves on the hills were still orange and red with autumn leaves, so when the snow fell, it was really beautiful.

Heading towards the river.
This is the Oze River.

I couldn’t get enough of the mountains, especially over the river.


Houses across the river in Otake.
Stunning :)
Heading away from the river, back down to the creek.
Pretty yellow flowers trying to survive the snow. Ganbare~!


I wanted to check out the creek area where the hydrangeas grow in spring. I wondered if maybe the trees would catch all the snow or there wouldn’t be much or something, but thankfully I was wrong.


All covered :)

Not only was there plenty of snow, but I found this cool tree:


Here’s the creek from before, except this time covered with snow.


I tried not to leave too many footprints, haha. This might be all the snow we get for a while.

It was so exciting to have SNOW(!), so I took pictures all day. There are a lot here, but I took over 100 pictures overall, so I really had to hold back ;) I’m glad it snowed in time for me to see it.

Tyler Ward & Anna Clendening, “Photograph” cover

One thought on “Waki Winter Wonderland

  1. Thank you for sharing Waki’s winter wonderland. I too liked the cool tree with glistening snow upon it. The snow certainly highlighted it’s neat branching structure. Merry Christmas!

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