…and when I woke up, it was snowing!

Waki doesn’t get very much snow, but we recently got a lot of snow (for us). I had my mind full, what with all the Christmas wrapping and card-sending I’ve been doing, but when I opened the door and saw that it was snowing, that just sort of cleared everything from my mind, and I spent the rest of the day taking pictures.

Costco Christmas wreath on door + newly fallen snow :)


The view out my front door that morning. I’d had no idea. Snow is quiet and sneaky like that.
Snow on all the cars in my apartment’s parking lot!!

So, I just walked to school, taking pictures the whole day. It’s really true that the same old things look different when covered in a blanket of snow.

It’s the same post office I always go to…but in the snow! (The snow is only clinging to the right side of the sign, so it must’ve been blowing sideways all night.)
The temple on the way to school was covered, too.
The entrance to Waki Elementary School is on the right.

At the entrance to the elementary school, there’s a little garden area with some benches and some plants I never noticed much before–but when the snow fell on them, it stuck on it a mass of tiny round circles and it was super adorable. (I think I have a preference for cute clusters of round things…)

I wonder if the students noticed these and thought they were funny? I’m sure they must have. Elementary kids notice everything.


Waki Elementary School, covered in snow.
The grounds in front of the school, also covered in snow, as it continues snowing :)

The snow caused traffic and messed up everyone’s schedules, so once the teachers had all arrived at school, they let the students spend first period outside making Olaf snowmen (Olaf has become synonymous with “snowman”) and having snowball fights.

I can’t post pictures of my students, but here’s the inner courtyard of the school where the Battle of the 1st Graders went down.

That courtyard picture is before the snow battle with the first graders. After, there wasn’t much snow to speak of, except for a few snowmen left standing. The ground area in front of the school, although much bigger, suffered much the same fate ;)

But that’s not all! Since the elementary school is three stories tall, if you go to the top floor (which I did almost immediately), you can pretty much see the whole town covered in snow.



Ahhh I love it!! (By the way, that large beige building on the left with the brown lines isn’t a house, it’s our after-school program. Maybe it’s like a daycare center, not sure. It’s a new building, and it’s super nice inside.)
The view out a window at the back of the school, looking out toward the Oze River and Otake.

I think some adults viewed the snow as a nuisance because of the traffic, the cold, it being slippery, etc, but the kids were super excited–especially the little ones. If they’ve always lived in Waki where it doesn’t snow much and haven’t been on many winter vacations to the snow, then this would be a pretty big event for them. The thrill probably wears off if you have snow every day, but I don’t think that should diminish the fun of the first snow of winter, or the first big snow ever in a place that usually only gets this much or this much. (And I got excited then, haha.)

And to top it off, the snowfall also coincided with Christmas card making day with my classes! It was too perfect.

1-hour Christmas Piano Playlist

7 thoughts on “…and when I woke up, it was snowing!

  1. First snow…especially when it comes at night … definitely is magical. I read this post by candlelight (Christmas gift candle) and with the smell of the Christmas tree we just got yesterday, and the sound of rain pouring down on our sleeping house.

    Perfect, except I can’t listen to the playlist without waking Jill! Love the pictures and thinking about the happy first grade snow fight.

  2. A special gift for your Christmas season. I am glad to hear the students were able to enjoy the snow. The teachers were wise to let them have a free period to make snowman and have snowball fights. We adults should take notice of children and there responses to the first snowfall or etc.., and try not to be joy kills as often as we are.

  3. Love the wreath on your door and the contrast to the gray cold snow. You take amazing photos. Wish you were allowed to show a pic of the kids playing in the snow. Just leaves it to our imaginations. But, we know.
    Love your blog.

  4. Lovely photos. I rather miss the snow and cross-country skiing. The wreath is so pretty with the snow in the background.

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