Aluminum Can Lanterns

It’s been a bit busy lately with ALT meetings, Halloween events, and getting sick between those two things, so here’s a short post to enliven my blog a little and brighten your day!


At the Childcare Center (保育センター) in Waki where I helped out with a Halloween party this October, the ladies who work in the office had at least three or four strings (chains?) of aluminum can lanterns hanging up. They’re actually beer cans, haha. I was super impressed, and they told me a man in Waki makes these as a hobby, and let me choose one to take home!

I’m not sure how he sliced the cans open to make these. It seems hard…


Not the best pictures because it’s hanging in my apartment, but it’s five lanterns long and looks like this:


Each lantern has a wire “circle” around it, and each can-lanterns spins freely on its axis if you push the slitted part with your finger.



Later on, when my friend and I were trick-or-treating in Waki, we passed a house that had can lanterns hanging, so maybe that’s where the guy lives who makes these. I don’t have a particularly amazing place in my apartment to hang my lanterns right now, so I’m just going to hold onto them and wait for either inspiration, or my next apartment :)

Last Alliance, “Shissou” – Ouran High School Host Club ending theme :)


3 thoughts on “Aluminum Can Lanterns

  1. Of course, I had to figure out how to make one! Google can spinners! Looks like the best way is using a utility knife rather than tin snips. Thanks for sharing. They look so interesting.

  2. Love this Stephanie. Joel likes Coca Cola, if you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas. Not sure what Jeff would like, probably the beer ones shown!

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