Iwakuni Lookout

Some of my students recently participated in an English speech contest in Iwakuni. Since it was an English speech contest, the English teachers at the middle school (three of us) got to go with them. The speech contest takes place all day, and then there’s a break for about 30 minutes or so in the afternoon while the judges decide on the winners. We took that time to go on a little tour of the next door Iwakuni City Hall (岩国市役所), which to our surprise had a walking area on the roof with a nice view!

I didn’t realize it at the time, but Iwakuni looks so quaint in this picture.

We intended to just walk around in the building, but we noticed that there was a garden or something on top and went to go take a look. It turns out there’s some lawn, and chairs to sit down in, as well as a wooden path that went most of the way around the top of the building.


If you zoom in past the fence, you can capture all sorts of views, like the first picture. It was so bright that I could hardly open my eyes, though.


I could see Fresta Mall down there–that’s where Futaba is, a nearby bookstore where I like to get used manga. On the right there’s a high school or a middle school or something–it looks like it’s three stories.


If you look past the high rise apartments, you can see the water and some mountains.


The City Hall isn’t an official tourist attraction, but it’s free to enter, and it’s a different view from Kintaikyo! (haha)

Dearly Beloved dubstep remix by dj-Jo

2 thoughts on “Iwakuni Lookout

  1. Love that walkway! How wonderful for employees to be able to take a quick walk on break time. And all with a fabulous view. Hope the kids did well in their competition.

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