Kintaikyo (Changing Direction)

I set a goal to write a blog post every week on the recommendation of Wait But Why’s article on not procrastinating, which I think contains some good advice; however, writing and choosing pictures to upload takes a lot of time, and I have other priorities right now, so I don’t plan on posting on a weekly basis anymore. Thank you everyone for following my blog and being interested in my pictures and what I had to say. It was so encouraging to hear from family and friends who visited my blog and liked what they saw!

For today, here are some pictures I took recently at the Kintai Bridge. I went there with friends from church, and we took pictures of the clear, post-rain scenery while we waited for the moon to rise up, because it was supposed to be really large and visible that night.



The water was so blue!


Sometimes I feel like it’s boring taking pictures of the Kintai because everyone else is just there taking the same pictures, but I’m glad I copied my friend and took this, because I don’t think I realized how cool the water looked.





We almost missed seeing the moon rise because we were so focused on the sunset lighting up the clouds across the river.


6 thoughts on “Kintaikyo (Changing Direction)

  1. I love the shot of the bridge crossing the water; it looks like a dragon moving away. And I will miss your Thursday posts, but look forward to whatever/whenever you post from now on. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the rest of us!

  2. I’ll never forget our time there with your Mom and Mr. Nieto, and the ride in his car with the Beatles playing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing your pohotos and your experiences. I feel like we all got to experiene alittle of what you’ve been able to see and do and appreciate another culture and the beauty there. We’ll look forward to hearing about whatever you have to share in the future. Really enjoyed this bridge, might be tiresome to walk up and down so much, but nice to look at. God Bless.

  4. Will miss your fabulous photos. Has been a great intro to the Japanese way of life. What a beautiful country. I’ve really enjoyed your blog.
    I would love to see a fabric or craft store if you decide to post again.

  5. You had a glorious day to enjoy! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    That is one cool bridge. If I ever get to Japan, I will have to check this out.

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