Iwakuni’s Huge Lotus Field

Really heavy rain and some unexpected circumstances led to my getting to see a gigantic field of lotus root plants in Iwakuni. Quite a few of the flowers were blooming, too!

People who think Iwakuni is boring should see this!

I was driving back from a canceled teacher training event, and since it was on the way, the teacher I was with took me on a little detour on the way back, to see vast fields of lotus flowers (renkon) in Iwakuni. Iwakuni’s famous for renkon, too. Can you tell? haha.

My teacher, who was driving, says that lotus flowers open (bloom) at sunrise, and when they do, they make a “popping” sound. I looked it up for you, because I kind of doubt I’m going to be awake at sunrise staring at a field of unopened lotus flowers waiting for one to “pop,” but I couldn’t find a video of it. There are only rumors… o.O




It was pretty different from the fall.

Hey, we found a corner! When you take the road around this corner, you exit this area by driving along a river on your right, and passing the Iwakuni marine base on your left. I didn’t realize this whole thing was behind the base! :O

The reason I said “almost” is that my teacher seemed like he was starting to move the car forward and I hadn’t finished taking the video yet. It was a reflex. I figured I would regret that (haha).

Lots of unfortunately placed power lines, too…

A quick little bonus insert from Waki:

We have a few smaller lotus fields in Waki, and I stopped at the one I pass a lot to get some close-up pictures today so you could see how cool renkon are! They have big, round, wide leaves that hollow out in the middle, so when it rains, the rain pools inside until the leaf gets too heavy and the rain has to escape over the edge to make room for more. The leaves are big and rubbery, so even when it rains, they don’t get wet on top. Even though it rained a lot today, the renkon fields are probably fine.

The leaves feel fake, but they’re real!!

The flowers bloom and stick out here and there; before blooming, they’re sometimes light pink on the edges like the one in the back. When the flower falls off, it leaves a flat pod with round circles in the top–you can see a flat stem right behind the unopened flower. From start to finish, lotus fields are fun to watch.


Anberlin, “Dismantle.Repair.

8 thoughts on “Iwakuni’s Huge Lotus Field

  1. Nice pictures. My wife and I just moved to Iwakuni and have walked past these lotus fields many times. I look forward to seeing more of your adventures and learning about/from your travels and experiences. Any favorite places to eat in Iwakuni?

    1. Thanks for your message, and welcome to Japan! The best restaurant in Iwakuni is Sanzoku (“the chicken shack”). It’s really cool, there are lots of interesting things to see, and the decorations outside change seasonally. One of my favorite places to eat in Iwakuni that’s not Japanese food is Ganesh (haha, you’ve probably already heard of it). Gyoza no Osho is good, too. Let me know if you have any questions about anything! :)

    2. Hakata-ya (between Nafco and the Youmetown near minami-Iwakuni) is a really good ramen place. I like Ganesh as well, and the shotenkai area near Ganesh is packed with restaurants.

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