Oze River Fog

It’s the rainy season, and despite the humidity that makes me want to be inside instead of getting all sticky and gross, I couldn’t resist walking over to the river to get a picture of the clouds over the mountains. It turns out, there was fog there like I’ve never seen. (It’s really cool!)


The fog covered up the shore on the Otake side, and made everything look soft and fuzzy. Fog can look fuzzy.


The buildings were getting buried in all that fog.



I met a couple people at the river who had come there on a walk and stayed to see the fog. Later on, even more fog rolled in, cooling us off, and reminding me of San Francisco.


I took this last picture walking back from the local supermarket. What beautiful clouds. (The river is in the direction of all those clouds)


Song of the Day: Nils Frahm, “Nils has a new piano”


6 thoughts on “Oze River Fog

  1. Right now, with our drought in full swing, this picture looks Heavenly. I think I’m ready to trade places with you. Jeri

  2. Fog like you’ve never seen is really saying something! Fog her was just enough to send a slow drip through the gutter outside my bedroom window – you’ve probably heard it. Cool pix. Thanks for sharing.

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