Puffball Flowers

Back in May for Golden Week, I went with a friend to go see the Fuji Wisteria Tunnel in Kitakyushu. I know that the wisterias are beautiful, but I actually had more fun with these silly puffball flowers.

So puffy! :3

It wasn’t as crowded around them (only the one where the path to the wisterias merged), so it was easier to get pictures of them. I don’t get why, though…are they not that popular?? D:

No people on this path…
Puffballs against the magnificent blue sky…


There are so many bunches of flowers! You could get lost in there.


Against a mountainous landscape^^


Dr. Suess couldn’t have done better :)


Fernando Ortega, “I Need Thee Every Hour”

6 thoughts on “Puffball Flowers

  1. Hi Stephanie- you’re dad forwarded this to me because he knows I’m a flower nut :) what a spectacular garden, the surrounding scenery isn’t bad either!!
    The blue sky is the perfect background for those beauties :))
    P.S i really enjoyed meeting you, you have such a joyful spirit, that is a beautiful thing!

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