Afternoon Roses

Every May, Waki Town holds a huge Rose Festival event up on the hill (Hachigamine), and lots of people from Waki, Iwakuni, the base, and all over come to enjoy music, dance performances, a flea market, and some other attractions.

…but actually, I came with my friends around three, and the festival was mostly over, so we just enjoyed the rose garden for a while. Here are some pictures of the roses!


These bell-shaped flowers roses were so cool!


I love the way this white one looks. It looks soft and delicate, like the apple blossoms I saw earlier this year.


There were roses in all sorts of colors, but I think the rain had washed away some of the petals from certain color roses, so I think that’s why most of my pictures of pink flowers turned out better.


It could just be that I’m partial to the pink ones, though ;)





An overview of the garden:


At the front, there was a stand selling different types of honey (Such as mikan honey), which also had honeycomb for sale. I hadn’t ever had a “block” of honeycomb just like that, and it was really fun to eat! My friend says it has a lot of nutrients, too. The honey part tastes great, but then you’re left chewing for a while on the stronger stuff that holds the honeycomb together. (You’re supposed to eat that part too, right? I did.)


Cory Asbury, “Jesus, All for Jesus”

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