Japanese “Frozen” and Multi-Language Disney

Frozen, which is called “Anna and the Snow Queen” (アナと雪の女王)in Japanese, has been enjoying a lot of popularity in Japan. “Let it Go” was playing at Futaba, a bookstore I visited recently, in its own little snow-decorated section at the front advertising the movie. Last week, some girls at the elementary school asked me to draw Anna and Elsa (just drawing braids on the characters I was already drawing), and a girl at the kindergarten started singing “Let it Go” (“Ari no Mama de”). The movie came out later here than in the US, so there’s a chance that song will still be playing here when it’s finally lost popularity in the US…

I personally liked Tangled better, but LET IT BEGIN:

(Japanese Frozen trailer)

Here are a few example videos from the official Japanese Disney channel, if you’re curious what Disney movies sound like in another language. Some others available on the that channel include “For the First Time in Forever,” “In Summer” (Olaf’s song), and of course, the one we’ve all been waiting for…

(If you’re getting a little tired of hearing this song, click here and skip to 0:36. You’re welcome.)

I recommend listening to Disney song compilations in different languages, just for fun. (What? Doesn’t everybody do that? I know people do, because they’re the ones who’ve made all those multi-language videos.) A memorable one for me is “The Bells of Notre Dame,” in Dutch (song only); anything in Swedish always sounds great, and here’s the Japanese version of the opening to Beauty and the Beast, just because.

(Full, low-quality version here.)

Actually, now that I think about it, some of these videos would be really fun to show in elementary school as a complement to the first “Hi Friends” textbook , Lesson 1, where the students listen to different kids around the world introducing themselves in other languages. I wonder if I could show something like the Frozen multi-language video. I mean, it’s “international” and relevant to the kids’ lives, right? Especially since Japanese seems to appear pretty often in those videos. I’d just have to figure out a way to explain to them during the video which language they were hearing, since most of them can’t read the subtitles.

Song of the Day: Disney and Pixar sings “Let it Go”

3 thoughts on “Japanese “Frozen” and Multi-Language Disney

  1. Your little cousin Bennett and his other 3 1/2 year old friends love Frozen. They can sing the song and do all the motions. So funny to watch.

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