Spring in Waki!

It’s spring in Waki! I have a lot of things to write about, but since I’m recovering from a cold and feel pretty tired, I’m going to stick to pictures of spring around Waki Town today.

Children’s Day fish banners flapping in the wind over the Oze-gawa River.

This was all that was really left of the cherry blossoms when I got back from California this April, but since I was still super jetlagged, I was able to wake up bright and early to get the picture in the morning light. (…I haven’t seen too many early mornings in Japan.)


Someone at the Waki Community Center did a fantastic job maintaining this garden out in front by the parking lot.


Pleasant weather and nice scenery from atop the Waki-Otake Bridge (Owa-bashi).

Every year around Children’s Day, fish banners are hung out to fly along the bridge. Some of them are store-bought, but the ones that appear to be only one color were made by kids to be hung on the bridge.


The fish banners are fun–people have them hanging from the eaves of their houses or from the railings of their apartment balconies. Shops decorate with them, too. These ones are small, but there are much bigger ones, too.

The purple flowers in front of the art museum were as spectacular as last year! I was glad I made it back in time to see them.


Until next week!

Carl Ditters von Differsdorf (great name. The lady on KDFC radio just said his full name without laughing, twice) – Harp Concerto in A

3 thoughts on “Spring in Waki!

  1. wish I knew the name of the purple flowers! Also, you listen to KDFC! So do we. And I had a hard time not snickering just thinking about that name as I listened just now. I love you even more than I did before

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