Little Blue Flowers & a Forest

What could be more quaint than little blue flowers and a forest?

I love it when nature looks all mossy and green and soft :)

My city is right in the midst of all sorts of vineyards and forests. I usually only come home to visit for summer (everything’s green) and winter (everything’s brown), so I forgot how beautiful everything is in the spring when the flowers are blooming. I couldn’t stop staring at all the flowering trees and plants, and it made me wonder if I even noticed all this back when I was driving to high school every day. I only took a couple roads regularly, to school and to church, and since I didn’t carry a camera around back then, I wonder if I even noticed all these flowers.

Something amazing about my grandma is that she lived here in California and kept her travels mostly to short trips within the state, and yet she would tell me about all these cool things she saw and did. I went all the way to Japan, and see and do a lot of things there, but there are so many things I didn’t even realize about the place where I live–like the fact that there are a bajillion flowers here in every color and blooming on the ground, on bushes, and on trees.

The weather here is also uncommonly nice, and it’s dangerous to stay too long because I find myself getting used to it, haha.



The flowers are called forget-me-nots, but I forgot anyway and my friend had to remind me. I probably won’t now…



These flowers are blooming not far away from Armstrong Woods, a redwood forest not far from the coast. The trees keep the forest cool, so even on a nice day like we had, we stepped out of the car and found ourselves shivering in a few minutes. It’s quiet in there, even with visitors walking along the trails. I never get tired of visiting.


Even when it’s bright overhead, the forest is usually pretty dark. I came here in the late afternoon with a friend once, and the entrance was like a black hole 0.0 (Still fun once you got inside, though.) The lighting also makes it impossible to photograph in bright colors with the camera(s) I have, so I tried to warm up the colors a little.


Song of the Day: “Just a Dream” cover by Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie

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