Cherry Blossoms in Healdsburg

Even though I’ve lived in northern California for most of my life, I never realized we had cherry blossoms as close as Healdsburg (or even really thought to ask). During my time at home this spring, I was surprised and happy when a good friend drove me to see a street lined with cherry trees of different sizes and shapes.

I’ll try and write this post in Japanese, as well. 今度の投稿は、頑張って日本語でも書いてみます。



We’ve had a lot of rain lately, and even a spurt of hail, so if that happened in Healdsburg, too, I don’t know if these flowers are still looking the same.


A cherry tree blooming out in front of somebody’s house. 誰かの家の前にある桜が咲いている。

The sun was trying to peek out a little, but it was mostly just stormy-looking clouds overhead, which made the sakura stand out more than on a normal cloudy day.




I’d seen some cherry trees here and there, but it was nice to know that there’s an easily accessible place where you can see rows of trees blooming all at once.


The house on the right makes me feel like this was taken on the east coast or something. 右側の家を見ると、東海岸が思い浮かぶ。行ったことないが…
A path down the sakura street. It was a Sunday afternoon, but it wasn’t crowded. 桜の道。日曜日の午後だったけど、あまり混んでいなかった。



Song of the Day (今日の歌): Kenshi Yonezu (米津玄師), “Aine Kleine” (アイネクライネ). This is such a beautiful song; it helps me relax. I can’t stop listening to it. この歌は美しくて、心が安らぐ。続いて聞いている。

4 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms in Healdsburg

  1. Yay! Wish I could read the Japanese, but love the pictures. I’ve got cherry blossoms on my phone background now, too. Thanks!

  2. Hello! I’m a fellow ALT (currently starting my 4th year) and I recently found your blog while looking up bulletin board ideas. I’m from NorCal too! ^_^ Small world.

    1. Hi! Sorry I didn’t get to replying to your message. That’s so cool! I’m glad you found me :D I saw that you wrote about it being weird visiting California after being gone a while. When I go back, I can’t stop sorting my trash haha

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