Kyoto Station is Full of Awesome Things

It is! To start with, there was an artificial waterfall that fell on to a bed of rocks, creating words and pictures. I think I missed that my first time because we only stayed on the “big” side of Kyoto Station.

I was only on the back side of Kyoto Station this time, where the tour buses leave from. Even so, I found cool Kit-Kats and other interesting things to keep my attention. (Is that a letdown after the words waterfall? haha)

These were Kit-Kats in a flavor I’d never seen before (Hoji-cha, roasted tea flavor).

There was also a store with a display case filled with all sorts of interesting cakes.


All the variety reminds me of the crazy parfait shop we visited my first time to Kyoto.

Rose petal pie
Pie that looks like it’s made of soba noodles but is probably not.
Peach pie?
Upside-down fruit chandelier pie

If you get the chance, it might be worth it to visit the smaller side of Kyoto Station, too, and try the cakes (I haven’t yet).

2 thoughts on “Kyoto Station is Full of Awesome Things

  1. That was an impressive wall fountain. I have never seen letters formed from falling water. An interesting way of welcoming people to the station. Thanks for sharing!

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