Kintai Cats

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and there was still time before sunset, so I hopped on the train and then the bus to Iwakuni Kintai Bridge to see if the plum blossoms were blooming much yet. They weren’t, but at least there were lots of cats there to make up for it!

The bridge, right before crossing to go back on the bus.

This is the only tree that looked like it was making serious progress. The blossoms smelled wonderful.


Around the time that I’d decided that I wasn’t probably going to be able to find that many plum blossoms after all, I came upon a small herd of cats^^


Fun fact: “stray cat” is “nora-neko” in Japanese.

He looked angry till he closed his eyes, so now you can pretend he was really cute.
The sign says, “Abandoning cats and dogs here is a criminal act!” Then below it it says, “Don’t irresponsibly feed the cats just because (you think) they’re cute.”
Found another one!!



This might be the biggest, fluffiest cat I’ve seen in Japan. He was the size of my fluffy cat Charles in California.

Come back, extra-fluffy kitty!

The quality’s not great, but I did get him eventually.

Looks like an angry lion…

I’m planning on going out again to see the blossoms this weekend, but they might not be really nice until next week, since it’s been a cold year. We’ll see.

Switchfoot, “Love Alone is Worth the Fight”

2 thoughts on “Kintai Cats

  1. As I was thinking about what I’d say in response (because I loved this post), our cat projectile vomited behind me (thankfully onto something easy to clean off). Not nearly as charming as the cats you saw and showed us! Thank you. Those cats do look plenty fed (though grumpy)

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