Colorful Nishiki Market

I wasn’t looking for it–Nishiki Market was on an adjoining street to Teramachi, a long shopping street near my hostel. I was wandering down Teramachi, and looking up and down the streets leading off of it as I went, when I saw this place. It was crowded, but I can’t resist going down streets with so much going on.


You shouldn’t eat too much before you go down this sometimes crowded passageway, because you can fill up on snacks and things on sticks! I stopped for cubed fatty salmon sashimi on a stick, a little squid on a stick, and also something I hadn’t had since Shikoku–ichigo-daifuku, strawberry-mochi. I think these were even better than on Shikoku, because they were fresh (and because I was hungry). You can purchase and eat it right there, but I don’t think there’s anywhere to sit.

This strawberry was sideways instead of sticking straight out. Artistic preference?

The shops were selling lots of unique items, and everything seemed really fresh. One place had different types of ground tea in large baskets.


I didn’t even know what a lot of the stuff being sold was. One place had a ground green powder (was it green tea? I can’t remember) with a sign that said in English something like, “this is not wasabi.” They must be tired of getting that question (haha).


I went on a Saturday afternoon in early March, and it was this crowded; Sunday morning, it was much less packed. If you come here, early morning is probably a lot less crowded, although I’m not sure about weekdays.

A stand selling fish.

It’s really easy to visit Nishiki Market when you’re on the Teramachi street, and there’s another street right next to Teramachi with the Ninja Restaurant on it as well (I found it, although I didn’t go in). I wasn’t planning on going here but I’m glad I ran into it.

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