Snowy Waki

This past week, it snowed in Waki again! This is the third or fourth time this school year that I’ve been able to see snow against all expectation! It even piled up on the mountains behind the school this time.


I had a hard time concentrating in class (or even in the staff room) because the snow was coming down so hard.


It snowed over all the flowers for two days. I think they probably didn’t survive.


I had to go home at lunch to see if my computer had arrived yet, and I had to use my umbrella because it was coming down so fast. My picture looks fake because the snow didn’t pile up on the road, but it’s real!


The cars all had a layer of snow on them, and everything was so white! It looks kind of meager when you think about the blizzard blowing over Tokyo, but it’s a lot of snow for Waki!


By the railroad tracks:

Those planks look like a little cross up there, don’t they? I’m not sure what it is, but it must be for the trains.

Of course, it’s been freezing, too, but now that we’re back to milder weather, I miss the snow.

Newsboys, “Secret Kingdom”

5 thoughts on “Snowy Waki

  1. The flowers will probably survive (I’m sure you were lying awake worrying). Looks like they’re pansies (my favorite!) and they don’t mind a bit of cold. Kee; us informed, though. We want to know these things! Love the photos of snow

    1. Wow, they’re pretty resilient, then! I don’t know a lot about flowers, so I’ll have to check tomorrow to see if they made it or not. (I’m glad you liked the photos! I’m always afraid I’m going to get my camera/phone wet, but whenever it snows it’s a waste not to try and get a picture, so…)

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