Don’t Negate!

This is so great.

002-2One of the teachers I work with at the elementary school (5th grade) has put up these pink word bubbles to remind students to stop saying certain phrases. I thought this was really cute–and funny, because I hear some of the same things in my English classes occasionally, and it made me laugh seeing them all written up on the board like that with big X’s through them.

The sign in the middle says ☆否定しない (‘‘Don’t negate,” or “don’t deny.” I take it to be similar to the rule, “don’t talk back”). (I had to research class rules because I couldn’t think of a synonym in English right away^^; This happens to me a lot.)

From bottom left, reading up around to the right in a circle: は?(not very polite way to say “Whaaaat?”), 何言いよるん (Yamaguchi dialect way of saying “What are you talking about?”), ちがうし (you’re wrong), 意味わからん (I don’t get it/I don’t get the point of doing this/many other things), え?(I think this is either referring to disapproval or dislike of something, like “I have to do that?“)

So, if you don’t say these things in your class, then you’re on the right track!

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