Visiting the Kiln in Hiroshima

This is the third part of my trip to a kiln in Hiroshima Prefecture in late November of last year. (Here are the first and second posts.) The weather’s been turning colder here in Yamaguchi lately, although my side of the prefecture doesn’t have the kind of snow we saw in Hiroshima last year. I’m anticipating heading out to the snow sometime before the end of February somehow, though!


I took this picture from the building where we would all have lunch later. We tried to make nabe, which is kind of like a vegetable soup, but since none of us were very good at it, it ended up being an odd mush of too many different ingredients, and really thick because we put mochi in it (probably my idea^^;). We were all really hungry, though, so I think it was okay.


Behind that wooden “shed” in the back is a small log cabin. I think it’s really cute, but I’ve heard it’s freezing in there. I don’t think there’s heating, only a bed or something. I wish I could’ve gone inside. Next time, maybe I’ll ask :)


The whole area was covered in snow. It was lovely.


Inside the “shed” on the right was the kiln. Just like last year, we pulled out the bricks from the entrance one by one, and took turns chipping out the pottery from inside (it sticks to the floor of the kiln). We had a light there to illuminate the opening, because it’s a pretty big kiln and it’s not like there’s a light in there.


It looks pretty cool when you get all the pottery out, too.


It’s a big kiln, and we pulled out quite a bit of pottery. It took a while to wrap it all up to take back with us.

Got to wrap every piece individually…good thing there were a lot of us.

I really liked the smooth, round pots.


Among the pieces we took out were some little animals no bigger than the size of my palm. I think they may have been the animals of the Chinese zodiac.

This one’s a little sheep.

Down the hill a little bit is the house where we had lunch.


Since there were like ten people or so, we didn’t all have to be helping with the kiln at once. Me and my new friend made snowmen! :D Hers is the double-sphere Japanese type, and mine is the triple version.


It got cloudier as we began our trip back home, but everything was still beautiful.


We’d wanted to stop at a cafe on the way back, and I kept suggesting a certain Starbucks until I was sure we would get to go there :) The reason I was so persistent, besides the fact that there’s not a Starbucks near me in Yamaguchi Prefecture, is that this is a really cool special Starbucks that you can only really get to in a car (which I don’t have). It’s by the coast and there’s a small torii gate over by the edge of the cliff that I think is supposed to imitate the one on Miyajima. They light it up at night, and it’s hard to get a good picture of it in the dark, but we stayed late enough to see that. It’s here if you ever want to visit!

It’s like its own little island.

Buuuut, it seems popular from the line behind me, so whatever if it’s a little isolated, right?

I don’t think the Starbucks was actually that cold. I just felt comfortable in my kiln-removal gear :)

This concludes our trip to the snow last November. I hope you enjoyed it :)

Relient K, “This is the End (If You Want It)”

4 thoughts on “Visiting the Kiln in Hiroshima

  1. Great pictures, as usual. What a neat experience. Hope you were able to claim one of those round pots. Glad you got to visit that Starbucks. The finishing touch to a cold day in the snow.

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