Christmas Lights in Santa Rosa

Something special about being in the US for Christmas is getting to see some crazy Christmas lights displays that aren’t very far away from where I live. I’ve never lived anywhere but California and Japan, and so I’ve only seen Christmases in those two places, but the Christmas lights in my area, anyway, are spectacular. What makes the lights amazing is that they were just made by people for others’ enjoyment, not as part of a big display in a touristy area or put up in a big city square.

The first cool house we drove to on Michael Dr. The Santa in front is kneeling beside a manger. So adorable!

The two main houses we visited were also accessible and interactive. You could walk up the driveway and see all the lights displays from different angles.

The first house we visited was at 309 Michael Dr. When you came up the walk and looked through the window on the walk up to the door, there was a little town display all lit up. In front were a lineup of animated, dancing snowmen (they sway back and forth and light up), with a sign on the right that says “We are not sensor controlled, so please do not try to activate us.” It must’ve been funny watching as people stood at the window making strange motions to try to get the snowmen to respond. I don’t know how the people living at the house would see from a window, though, because both front windows were full of displays.


You can see more displays and figures set up in the windows at the back by the door. Since all the front windows of the house have displays in them, including the upstairs, they’re basically living in a half-windowless house for all of December.

The lights go really well with the color of the house, too.

The second big house we visited was 4481 Montecito Ave. I’ve never seen anything like it. The house is on a large property, and on either side of a long driveway leading up to the house were oodles and oodles of lights. It was one of the most grandiose lights displays I’ve ever seen at a private residence. Because you can walk in and actually take a stroll, admiring a little of it at a time (because you have to walk a bit to see everything), it had the feel of a Japanese festival.

It goes on…

This house’s displays weren’t as easy to capture, because it’s so massive. The owner (I assume) of this house had two fancy cars on display in one of his garages, too.

Stuff! Stuff everywhere!
This might be the cutest nativity scene I’ve ever seen.
I liked this blow-up display. Santa peeps out of his trailer and then disappears back inside. I had to wait for him to come back out and then snap the picture before he shut the door again.

It’s really awesome to be able to just walk up and see everything for free! I’d for sure wanted to see the lights while in the US, because they’re different from the lights displays in Japan. We got to see many other, more “normal” houses decked out in Christmas lights along the way, and it made for a happy build-up to Christmas Day.

At the end of the road of lights, where the actual house is (I think.)

Happy New Year, everyone!

Relient K, “Angels We Have Heard on High”

5 thoughts on “Christmas Lights in Santa Rosa

  1. Yay! So fun to see you over Christmas holidays (better even than the pretty lights). And the Relient K Christmas album is one of my favorites. (listening to the song in my head because the household is still asleep)

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