It’s Christmas in San Francisco

On the same loooong, time difference-extended day that I got back from Japan, my parents took me to Fisherman’s Wharf and then the Nutcracker at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco.

Inside the San Francisco War Memorial Opera house. I love the Christmas decorations! It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside…

Even though SF is cold in the summer, in late December we had perfect weather. We weren’t even sure whether we should bring our coats.

The tree at Fisherman’s Wharf is so tall that it’s pretty hard to get a picture together and still see the top of the tree. You’d have to back up a lot farther, and you can’t because of all the people.


The whole wharf is decorated for Christmas. It was a great welcoming back from Japan.


It was crowded, but not too crowded, considering it was only a few days before Christmas. We’re lucky to live so close to a nice tourist destination like this to be able to visit easily without making a huge vacation out of it.

From this view, it almost reminds me of Disneyland.
My dad pets a reindeer bush.

Since we’d come straight from the San Jose airport and the Nutcracker performance wasn’t till evening, we also visited the Uniqlo near Macy’s Square. The traffic was slow, and we had a short conversation with a couple riding in a passing car, because it took a while for them to pass us.

I loved the Christmas decorations on this hotel.

We also had time to take pictures in the City Hall area while it was still light.

City Hall.

The doors of City Hall are quite beautiful, gilded with gold.


Later on, they lit it up with red and green lights for Christmas!


This is the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House, where we saw the Nutcracker.


It was decorated inside and out with Christmas garlands and wreaths.


The Nutcracker show was completely amazing. It’s unique from other Nutcracker performances in that the play is set in San Francisco. The props are spectacular and the dancers were all amazing. My aunt and uncle say it’s one of the best in the world. They have a trailer, which I think gives a good overview of the set and the performances.

At the end of the show, we passed by the Symphony Hall, too, which has Christmas trees all around the inside of the windows.


That concludes our day in San Francisco! I had a 30-hour day with no sleep and it was really hard to stay awake for the second part of the Nutcracker, but I did it!

5 thoughts on “It’s Christmas in San Francisco

  1. I’m so glad you & your parents had a marvelous day in the city. The day looked beautiful. You made memories that will last a lifetime. What a perfect way to start your Christmas celebration upon arriving “back home”. Your pictures are beautiful, as well.

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