Christmas Bulletin Board

Here’s my Christmas bulletin board! This is my second time doing a Christmas one, so I’ll post pictures with last year’s ideas as well. (Thank you, GunmaJET!! Your ideas were perfect!)

Christmas-themed bulletin board at the middle school.

Word of the Month: “reindeer” (トナカイ, tonakai). Example: “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer” (赤鼻のトナカイルドルフ). There might be another translation for that, but my JTE said it was fine.

Comics: 2 Garfield comics (here and here), and one Peanuts comic (here). I was proud of myself for finding “authentic” Christmas comics that were that simple and even used grammar points from New Horizon (our school’s textbook).

Border & Decoration: The border is handmade, from last year. The overall design, little snowflakes, top border, and Christmas tree are all inspired by the ideas given on this GunmaJET page. I meant to decorate the tree, but ran out of time; maybe next year. I folded a square paper into 4-8 triangles and made snowflakes, but I also put up a how-to page from with instructions for how to make a 6-pointed snowflake, if students wanted to try. So…the mail section where those instructions are hanging is not really a mail section.

I have a Christmas Countdown over a fireplace with “# days” on little slips of paper, and that’s from GunmaJET, too.

Birthdays: I chose Taylor Swift and Masaki Aiba (from Arashi). This time, I did speech bubbles with information about them. If I could do it again, I’d cut down the text by about a third, and just have “My name is…” and the second, smaller speech bubble, without any of the other information (maybe like, one popular song each). There’s just wayyyy too much text…but I didn’t realize it ’till I’d already printed it out, and then just let it be.

Culture: I have two papers up with 6 pictures each, of pictures that I took of Christmas at Disneyland in the US, and Christmas in San Francisco. They look like this:



This was my “rough draft” bulletin board from last year. Just like last year, I based it on the example I saw on GunmaJET.

Back when the Word of the Month section was still a calendar, where you had to rearrange the numbers under the days every month.

Decorations are the same as above, as well as the snowflake instructions from bookzoompa. I had a “find Santa” activity (kind of like Where’s Waldo), and the comic is Pusheen, “Christmas To-Do List.” The reason I like Pusheen so much is that it’s big, cute, and uses really simple English. I think I started getting the images from the Pusheen Facebook page instead (where they’re a single image), because the Tumblr is animated and you have to save the pictures one by one.

I had my mom send me lots of Christmas ads last year, and I went through them and picked out the best ones to laminate and put up on the blackboard with magnets.


These boards do take me a long time to do. Last year’s board probably took me a day to do. This year, even with the borders already made, it took me about a day and a half to find and then format everything, as well as time spent searching for ideas to use in the first place. Since I’m only at the middle school for three days a week, I’m thinking of greatly simplifying my bulletin boards next year so I can focus on other things.

Nevertheless, I worked hard on the board to have something cute up for Christmas, and I’m happy with the way it turned out! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone this Christmas!^^

Song of the Day: One Direction, “Story of my Life.” I feel like I have to explain…there’s a teacher at the elementary school who’s super into One Direction (as well as quite a few of my students), and she told me her favorite songs, so when I got home I was listening to some of them, and found this song. It’s really good! Give it a chance?^^

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