Snowy Hiroshima Prefecture

Last year, I drove through this same area to visit a special type of kiln. It was beautiful then, too, but completely different. This year, I bring you the snowy version of the Hiroshima countryside! (Same set as the first post.)

Our ceramics sensei, who was driving, let us stop and get out and take pictures here, because it was so nice!

It doesn’t really snow in Waki, so I confused a few people when I uploaded pictures and didn’t say what they were. This is Hiroshima Prefecture!


Since I ride my bike to get to school all the time, and take a train to get most places that I want to go, I often forget that there are amazing things to be seen not far from where I live. It works out, though, because if I went places every weekend, I’d be too tired and busy to blog about anything :)


A couple teachers who came along in the car came to blow off some stress from work. We got excited when we saw all the snow–we weren’t expecting it. I think just being outdoors and away from it all did everyone a lot of good. It always revives me, too.

A house standing against a backdrop of trees.

Our ceramics teacher kept commenting that the teachers seemed to be having a good time, and that they seemed to be enjoying themselves–I think that made him really happy, too. Even though the “purpose” of our excursion was to see the kiln and help remove pottery from it, to our teacher, seeing the great outdoors and being able to relax and be refreshed was as important as emptying the kiln. I think he was purposely planning that when he invited those two teachers :)

A shrine blanketed in snow.


Even though we went on almost the exact same day as last year, the scenery was completely different. Depending on the seasons and the weather, it might look dramatically different again next year. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Song of the Day: Mutemath, “Typical.” I recently rediscovered this song. They filmed the whole video backwards! So cool.

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