Red, White, Green, and Blue: Colors of Hiroshima Prefecture

[Pictures taken Nov. 30, 2013 in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.]


Just like last year around this same time, I was invited by Waki’s ceramics teacher (sensei) once more to go to the special kiln in Hiroshima to take out the completed ceramics works in it. I’m not “learning” ceramics, per se–I go to the ceramics classroom in Waki about once a year, make a couple things (like a cup or a plate), and hand them over to be fired in the special kiln. I’m not clear on exactly what the process is, but first some people go up to put all the pottery into the kiln, and then later several people go back up to take it all out.

Since I don’t have a car, it’s always a bit exciting to get to ride in one (haha). Together with my ceramics sensei, a designer lady from Hiroshima, and two young teachers from other schools in Yamaguchi Prefecture, I sipped the coffee that my teacher had bought for us and watched the scenery out the window. I remembered the scenery from last year being really nice, but this year outdid it.


The fall colors come late to Yamaguchi Prefecture, at least from what I gather seeing other JETs’ Facebook posts about the fall colors before I’ve seen any here, and mountains were filled with color. It was breathtaking. I’m lucky to have been able to get any pictures from the car–you have to time it with the fences and railings passing in front of the windows, and also roadside trees.


It’s a long car ride, about an hour and a half, because the kiln is pretty far away (in Miyoshi, I believe). We didn’t know it, but we were in for a treat, because not only had we gotten to see the fall colors on the way to our destination, but it had actually snowed in the place where we were going. I’d prepared better shoes (snow boots!) this time, because my feet were freezing last year.


What was really incredible to me, though, was that the fall colors were still lingering, too, and the snow fell on top of that. Everything was red, white, green, and blue, and it was fascinating.


How often do you get to see two seasons at once? (It might be pretty often. I’m from California, and I actually don’t know, haha).

This is right in front of the property where the kiln is.



Just like last year, I got to start off the Christmas season with a snowy day! It was already melting as we left. I never imagined it would be so different from last year.

Song of the Day: Michael W. Smith, “Anthem for Christmas”

5 thoughts on “Red, White, Green, and Blue: Colors of Hiroshima Prefecture

  1. What a treat to see 2 seasons at once! I’ll bet the snow makes it feel a little more like Christmas! Listened to Anthem for Christmas this morning – one of my favorite songs by him.

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