Miyajima in the Fall (2013)

Last year when I came to Miyajima on Nov. 26, the leaves had already mostly fallen to the ground, and I wished I could have come earlier. This year, using a momiji-scouting website, I tried to come a bit earlier, and it seems like I was too late for some trees and too early for others >.< Nature is complicated. However, I have work during the day, and the days end earlier here because there’s no daylight savings time, so the only time to go is on weekends. [Pictures taken Nov. 17, 2013]

There it is, the best picture. You can go home now.

Since Miyajima is a popular tourist spot, it’s really crowded around this time of the year. I don’t know what was going through my head when I decided to come for a “relaxing day off” by myself–but I’ll probably forget all about that and go again next year, too. Having said that, I realize that all of these pictures make it look like there were only a handful of people on the island. Maybe that was some form of unconscious denial (haha).

If you look really closely, you’ll see that there were actually a lot of people…
Now, I’m hiding all the people behind trees and wooden boxes and signs.
There was another guy next to me taking the exact same picture. I wonder how many copies of all the same spots we all have on our cameras? It makes me feel really unoriginal. It’s more fun to be hipster and take pictures somewhere special.



To be honest, the most memorable part of this trip wasn’t the color on the trees–it was the fog over the water, and the moss…I love moss^^


It was cloudy, as well as misty over the water that day, and so everything along the coast was shrouded in fog and looked really neat^^

Signature Miyajima deer. I even saw a deer fight this time–it was pretty intense. They still aren’t as scary as the Nara deer, though–these deer will at least give up if you try to walk away…^^; (For the record, I thought the Nara deer were awesome.)
This was my favorite view of the day, besides the sunset. l just sat down and looked out over the water for a while. The water was low, so people could walk out to the torii gate. I’ve been to Miyajima several times now, and I still haven’t walked out to the gate because it’s so far away, haha. I mean, if I can take the picture from here…
Never a bad view from the ferry :)

And, to finish it off, a pair of oysters from the the small stand on the way back that sells oyster burgers (I talked about it last year). I can’t call it a hole-in-the-wall place that no one knows about, because it’s in plain view on a street that everybody walks by to go to Miyajima, but it’s never crowded when I pass it, and I still haven’t seen another place that sells “oyster burgers.” It’s a stand (not a restaurant) that you pass when walking from Miyajima-guchi station to the ferry terminal, on the right side of the street. There’s a little picture of a burger on the menu, so you’ll know what it is even if you can’t read the Japanese on the sign :)


Song of the Day: Sam Tsui and Kina Grannis, “Bring Me the Night”

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